Integration of yoga in school education

The idea of incorporating Yoga into school education is a recent development, though compelling research in this field is increasingly available.

While Yoga has yielded benefits for one’s physical well-being, such as correcting posture and enhancing immunity, it is acknowledged that it can also positively impact cognitive and emotional learning. Yoga can help students navigate emotional and social obstacles within the school environment by developing self-regulation.

To shed light on this, Kaivalyadhama arranged the 'National Conference on Integration of Yoga in School Education' at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala, in association with the Kudilal Govindram Seksaria Foundation and with support from the Ministry of Ayush, represents a groundbreaking event poised to transform our educational approach.

This conference aims to harmonize the profound influence of yoga with the process of learning, potentially revolutionizing the education landscape.