Intelligence is art and art describes the truth

Vagina three depths in three depths from the top to bottom on outside three depths going towards left and right from the outside one range on both sides each one range on both sides in and out and side and side
Penis penis balls penis foreskin ballsack three depths erected/retracted three depths for each testicle and ballsack.

Much time should be spend looking at how the whole body enriches those spots when you like to think about genitals by real actual explainable ratios that can also be calculateable by numbers easily as like lucid dreaming how the dream is still there easy sometimes. Think of a balloon with air vessels packed in pockets that spread to separate sections and within those sections think of more vessels of different source pump inputs in a pocket (it’s more like you say pocket twice and you get another kundalini relocation in aura journey… not another heart but maybe not a journey to another source but moving the source like some electro ferromagnetic drags..) and that is how real and complex bodies and electromagnetic forms work like. Good does not change into bad in the past and bodies are essential for life on earth do not think that the past doesn’t effect the future do not think you are teaching you are only supposed to learn how to go into the abysmal undeniable void first and that is our finite condition to necessarily be able to master as divine eternal life can be allowed freely as an option for all sentient beings that do not sin; that plus many words describing that more of basically and more of specifically is how reality works and what it naturally at least continues toward the void by chance and divine life if divine law’s life is more real as an opportunity which happens when someone is good.

Pain is anti universal nature in philosophy.

Ratios none have taught are real and so by nearly all are suffering. Speak words into existence as I hear the Christians say. Om om om shanti shanti shanti bless bless bless. On a mission jewel in the lotus. All words are encouragement or compliments in philosophy. Be a slave to the divine life’s ideology that ahimsa is divine nature’s law enforcement.

Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 1

Vegans should find momentum to prepare to integrate that vegan people, or at least people, that didn’t cut off body parts are disfigure them or kill them, that were born that way are the technical best is the most effortless cautiousness comparison for this time on earth though all essentials would be counted as reality not only that. In the integration of meeting at least full vegetarian which may be for example followers of Ganesh are in theatre play like attitude the acting knows the reality is about the situation of the primary space and time and the vegans are complaining that is really defined as checking at the base of the reality. Ganesh would be touching the cows for their milk to milk them lovingly as a skillful liberal before his bath. Understand there is what type of food how the food is gotten and who you get the food from, but there is also what the food is designed for and again again what it actually is. They should study this and I think coconut almond soy oat or whatever milk is nice and kind for the human and nonhuman animals as it is fully certified as organic. Humans must always do better and be wiser than not wise or not wise enough of course when you choose to say nothing is worthy then the good that is essential to cherish wherever you might find through unworthiness is God’s Plan.

I bet you’d like to think about 31 triangular prisms that are really like 27 in a certain type of basic less and less model understanding but not exactly that for the abstract or metaphysical(mind energy object block here). This would carry cyclic or linear timely cyclic linear timely moving body information/phantom habit blueprints.