Internal organs or visceral fat in Plough pose

I am 63. I have always done the plough pose with ease since my teens. I used to enjoy relaxing in the posture and breathing easily for periods of time. I find that in the last couple or three years that although I can achieve the posture with ease that I cannot stay in the position for more than a few seconds.
It feels like it is my internal organs or lungs. I get breathless almost instantly and have to come out of the posture. I get a similar thing with some other postures such as crow posture or forward bend but not so bad.
I am a 179 cm high male and weigh 76 kilos and as I mentioned I am 63. I have mild to moderat copd. I can hold my breath for a minute and more so if internal organs are pressing against lungs then I should be able to just hold my breatah in the posture for a minute?
I was wondering if anyone knew of any reason for this or perhaps a website or some information regarding this.
I hope that is all clear :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance and blessing to everyone