Introducing myself - Cindy Rose Yoga


Coming to the United Kingdom from Zimbabwe I found myself stumbling into my first yoga class and feeling a real passion for helping people to awaken their mind and body through yoga. The benefits I felt almost
instantly encouraged me to discover so much more by studying both practical and theory which I have been doing now for 6 years.

I have a teachers qualification in Hatha and Astanga Yoga from the British School of Yoga (BSY). I enjoy practicing and teaching Hatha and Ashtanga in Colchester and Bury St Edmunds throughout the week. Yoga for me is all about discovering the relationship with oneself and to be fully present with life. I like to install in my classes both physical and breath movement which helps to connect deeply to both our body and our mind.

My classes are suited for everybody, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, you are flexible or inflexible, whether you are strong or not strong. I love to see the transformation in my students as they become more open and more confident in their practice as time progresses.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to attend one of my classes. Thanks for reading.