David, I often view this forum on my iPhone. If I want to reply to a post, particularly a long post, and use the quote feature, but only want to cite a short passage, there is no way to scroll down and delete the bits I do not wish to include. The text that fits in the box is all I have access to. Not sure if other smartphone devices have the same issue. Any ideas?

You’re phone is not so smart now :razz:

I’ve known that for a while :wink:

I’ll look into if there are any decent iphone compatible skins out there. Thanks for letting me know.

I uploaded a mobile style. Is it TOO cutdown?

You can select it at the very bottom left of the forum home page.

I remember I had the same issue with Motorola (if someone even remembers what this brand is). I managed to cope with this problem exactly due to motorola customer service , probably you need to do the same. There is a not bad iOS forum in the web where other users are helping each other.