Is it necessary to wake up early and do yoga in the morning to be a good yogi?

I've been doing yoga (mostly ashtanga or vinyasa) for a year and a half now, completed my 200 YTT a couple of months ago, and I'm loving it.
When I listen or read about other people's practices though, I can't help asking myself if I'm doing it "how it is supposed to be done", or better, if I'm doing the most out of it.
Especially when it comes to things like getting up early and practicing for an hour or more every day, I just can't seem to keep up: on some days I have low energy cause I went to some party the night before, on others I might just be a little sick, on others I just really need sleep.

So I adapt my practice to my life: I manage to get on the mat every day, but on some days I practice in the evening, on others I practice in the early morning, on other days I do only few asanas and focus on pranayama and meditation, just listening to what my body needs at that specific moment.

The thing is, I see a lot of yogis on social media (mostly ashtangis), who seem to have a perfect practice, waking up early, doing the whole primary serie every day, eating healthy and ayurvedic, and I wonder if it's strictly necessary to follow such a strict routine to progress in asanas and in mental well-being.

Thoughts? Do you know any ashtangis who practice in a more relaxed way?