Is my yoga teacher into me?


Several months ago I struck up a conversation with my yoga teacher. I'm a straight man, she's female. She did not know me previously. She seemed to respond well, she came across the room to me and really engaged. Nothing really special there, I know. Once in her class I thought I caught her staring at me, she looked away quickly. After a few times in her class, I was sitting in the studio lobby talking with another girl. She came and sat down next to me. There was just, I don't know, a look on her face like she wanted to engage with me. We ended up having a REALLY good conversation. In fact she seemed to get so excited, she was talking and laughing really loudly, and I was actually concerned she was interrupting the yoga classes going on. We connected on social media. Later that day, she direct messaged me, just asking about something we discussed. We messaged back and forth a little. A few days later, she messaged me again, just asking if I was coming to her class that day. I did come, and she actually seemed kind of nervous and excited. This went on for a few months, with her messaging me, and vice versa. She started saying things in her class, when I was there at least, about there was this guy she was into. She messaged me her phone number, said that would be easier to reach her that way. occasionally I would message her and ask a question and she would suggest we talk by phone. Eventually I asked if we could hang out. We met up for coffee and it went really well. She kept occasionally messaging me, initiating contact with me, and has asked me to hang out a couple more times. She also messaged me a song one time that seemed kind of sexy and relevant to our relationship.

Is she into me? or is this just a yoga teacher connecting with her students?


Dear Fellow Yogi,

As far as I see it, there are couple of possibilities

  1. Grey Zone : She might be into you. 'Might'. Prior to having your horses run wild, would be great to believe in yourself and politely ask her straight forward (Whenever you find chance being alone with her). Better not to embarass her in public. Because here you are riding in grey zone. It's always good to be honest while in process to clarify your doubt.

  2. Mere friendly approach : She may be just trying to be friendly and you might be super sensitive with the approach. Is it your first time to have a lesson from Yoga teacher who is a lady?

  3. Monetory perspective : She might be targeting to get more stable students due to sales pressure or intent to sale you something.

Best is to focus on your yoga practice without worrying about any other thought. :wink:

Om Tat Sat


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Thank you,


I'd say she's into you as I'm a girl and wouldn't message a man randomly if I wasn't remotely interested. Maybe you should suggest to grab coffee with her!