Is there Menustrual cycle disturbances with yoga practice


Hi, all, I have been observing that my regular 28 day s cycle is getting disturbed with regular practice of 1 hour yoga, 5 days a week, most of the time preponed for 4-10days starting with spotting for initial 2-5 days. With discontinued practice for 3 months I regained my regular cycle. I’m 42 year old interested to practice yoga regularly. Plz opine.


I have seen with yoga menstrual cycle sets to 28 days even if it is irregular. Your changes may be linked to something else (any medication, food , stress etc).

I hope that you don’t do very intense yoga. If yes then do moderate. You may also need to correct your diet.

So keep practicing. At 42, many women do see menopausal symptoms as well but still I have seen those getting corrected by practice.


Thanks for the reply. I will observe for few more months & keep practicing yoga.