ISHA kriya- Basic questions


Anyone here practicising Isha Kriya?( Taught by Sadguru Jaggi). By far ( to my limited exposure in this field) I have seen him as the most logical person in spiritual path.
I have couple of questions:

  1. Are there harmful/ negative side effects of doing Isha Kriya.
  2. Can some one doing Isha Kriya lead a normal lifestyle?
  3. Can some one doing Kriya still perform day to day activities without actually loosing interest or feeling empty ?


Hey there. I'm practicing Isha Kriya as well. It's been a few months for me, maybe about 3 or 4.
Since doing it I haven't noticed any negative side effects to doing it. I usually do it every morning and it put me in a receptive state where I try to identify with what I am. I would say I have a normal lifestyle so i believe someone can have one as well. When it comes to performing my daily activities I don't have feelings of disinterest or emptiness. Actually it helps me to be a little more detached from the results of things, and put more importance on how much control I have over everything. Meaning, whatever I want to feel, i can arrange my thoughts and emotions to feel them. Since I am not the body or the mind, I can direct them to be a certain way, or I can simply watch them function without feeling like they are me.
I hope this at least sense to you