It was nice to have a Father


This is a tribute to my Father:

It was nice to have a father.

I was a boy,
cold day,rain,wind.
Father hugged me,
wrapped arms around me,
like blanket.

Felt safe.
Remember his warm hands,
with veins.

Younger bro
fell into the sea.
I jumped,took him,
my head under the surface.
The sea was taking us.

Father saw,
saved us.

My false friend left me in the Mountain.
I was four.
Night came,
I curled to sleep,
not thinking of wolves,bears,hogs.

From the distance,
father’s voice,
called me.
I answered.
All I remember is father’s
arms lifting me.

I did not understand,
or appreciated.
Forgive me Father,
Thank you,
for Love,Kindness
and more,much more.

One day we will hug each other,
in Another World…
But first,
I have to complete my life.

It was nice to have a Father.