It's possible. I have ended my cycle of reincarnation


There’s is no delusion or lack of delusion in me anymore. No action or non-action. I will perform appropriate actions as necessary, for there is no difference between motion and rest anymore.

If there’s action required of me I will perform it, what difference could it make to me? I, who am of the nature of pure unconditioned, infinite, undivided consciousness.

You are all on the same journey I was once on. I’m here to tell you not to stop believing in the impossible, in the unlikely. You are that.


A great man said: “With kriya, silence and transparency become the features of ones consciousness.”

In the Yoga Vasistha it says: “Do not abide in the ego, do not abandon the ego. How can the unreal be embraced or abandoned?”


Nada Bindu Upanishad says what could be the next possible reincarnation for yogis.


I suppose it would depend on your progress towards self knowledge.

You could reincarnate into a life that’s more supportive of yogic practice, or if you’ve done all you can in embodiment, you may exist as a subtle being (non-material). The end of reincarnation is a state beyond form.


Yes. I agree totally.