IUD and Pranayama


I am curious if anyone has personally had, or has worked with a student/client, who has an IUD and has developed contraindications resulting from pranayama or bandha practices.

I kindly ask that responses offer as much information as possible about the individual woman, the contraindicative practices, the resulting symptoms, and any counter practices if given. Thank you.

With great respect and love,


I have had 3 different IUDs over several years, and lately I have found that my abdomen becomes uncomfortable doing uddhiyana kriya (holding the lock as a kriya at the beginning of an Ashtanga practice). I also find attempting to do nauli uncomfortable. Once in a while I experience a sharp pain, or nausea, and this has discouraged me from continuing for the time being, although I had been practicing for years. I actually have an appointment next week to have the IUD removed, and I hope to start again shortly after that. In my experience, an IUD doesn’t seem to blend with the way we want to work with our bodies during these practices, to sooth, stimulate and/or massage internal organs. I have not had any reaction to pranayama, including agnisar dhouti, kapalabhati and bhastrika. I hope that helps a bit


Thank you for sharing; it is very helpful information.
I hope you get some relief from the IUD removal.

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I found this caution about this form of pranayama in “Luna Yoga” by Adelheid Ohlig; I included a description of the technique for clarification since the sanskrit name was not provided.

"FIREBREATH: This breathing technique stimulates (fires up all metabolic processes. You can do it while standing, lying, sitting, squatting, or crouching on all fours. It has a very deep effect on the reproductive organs. [b]WOMEN WHO HAVE AN I.U.D. SHOULD NOT DO THIS EXERCISE - THE I.U.D. COULD FALL OUT ![/B] (emphasis is mine).

Exhale completely, then pull the diaphragm up under the ribs. Remaining in full exhalation, push the diaphragm strongly down toward the pelvis. Without breathing, move the diaphragm up and down so your entire abdomen shakes in ripples. Possibly you can feel your feel your uterus and other internal organs as they move. When you can’t do this any longer, inhales again. Then take equal time to let your breath come and go in your own rhythm. The Firebreath can be repeated up to six times."