Jala Neti - can't blow all the water from nostrils

There is always some salty water left after doing Jala Neti. Here how I do it:

  • I do Jala net through right nostril, blow out few times, then through left nostril blow out few times

  • (maybe I do the process once again)

  • then blow 10 times from right nostril, and then 10 times from left nostril, and then 10 times from both nostrils

But the water still remains and doesn't allow to do asanas comfortably.

  • Could it be that water had been trapped in sinuses? Sometimes I have tension in my nose between eyes (I think I feel my sinuses), and also I've got tinnitus few months ago. (strong ear ring)

  • Could the reason be that I don't lower my head enough so that water flows down the nostrils deep into the throat? Maybe I shouldn't raise my head until I blew the water out of my nostrils?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

tinnitus can be related to nasal things affecting the middle ear just beyond the eardrum and the eustachian tube, but tinnitus can also come from exposure to loud noise and gradual progression of some slight high frequency hearing loss which tons of people have from the noise of life especially loud noise mostly. but here's the thing. if you're using power tools and chainsaws or banging a hammer all day, use some noise protection headphones or use some soft plugs for the ears for noise protection. I'm just saying that just in case cuz a lot of people don't realize. and it doesn't matter what the history is. it just matters from here on. and if you're not exposed to noise then I can't offer any other guidance as I am not qualified, LOL but good luck