Jesus in India


Jesus in India, is one of the most popular alternative versions of Jesus’s life and Christianity commonly found in the new age, Yoga and spiritual community, but is it true? After reviewing some of the evidence recently in several documentaries and articles, I think it probably is true. Here are some of the reasons why I think it is true

  1. Jesus was persecuted and crucified for his heretical doctrine. However, if one reads the the bible one does not find anything that far removed from the Mosaic religion. What Jesus teaches is not really that radically different to justify the hatred he got from the Jewish priests, because he still pays respect to the Mosaic law, quotes from the Torah etc. However, if Jesus had instead taught something radically different from the Mosaic law, like Dharmic philosophy, then it would make sense why he was considered such a dangerous heretic.

  2. It is interesting to note that 100 years after Jesus’s death at least two kinds of Christianity flourished in the world. Closer to home in the Middle East a Gnostic and esoteric Christianity flourished, the most strongest proponent of it being the Gospel of Thomas, whereas in Europe Pauline Christianity flourished, the complete opposite of the Gnostic version. The Gnostic version was prevalent enough to be considered dangerous and a threat to be stamped out by the former. Ironically enough, the Gnostic version is virtually identical to Dharmic philosophy.

  3. There are very clear similarities between Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism(more strongly Buddhism) in both beliefs and practice. The so-called miracles of Jesus such as walking on water, feeding many people with loathes of bread, healing lepers were all miracles performed by Buddha. The strongest similarity is the love, forgiveness, frugal living and compassion theme, which has no precedent in Jewish religion. There are also very clear Dharmic practices like mantra meditation using a rosary, which also have no precedent in Jewish tradition.

  4. The bible says nothing about Jesus’s missing years from his childhood to the beginning of his ministry, but there are are actually records in Persian, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese which clearly record Jesus having traveled to India, which was an easy journey to make during the time of Jesus.

  5. It is regarded as a fact that Thomas went to India and set up the earliest Church during the life and times of Jesus, which clearly shows an India connection to early Christianity. If Thomas went to India, Jesus could easily have went himself, maybe even told Thomas to go India.

  6. Many of the verses in the bible only make sense if they are interpreted through a Dharmic lens, such as the verses on what seem to be suggesting reincarnation and karma, but more obvious ones like “the kingdom of god is within” and the holy trinity. When read with the Gnostic gospels, they all seem to be suggesting Dharmic philosophy.

  7. The notion of incarnations of god was completely absent in Jewish religion, but was widely prevalent in India in the belief in Krishna incarnating on Earth in human form. There are many similarities between the biography of Jesus and Krishna. Such as they both were born of divine conception, after their birth the local tyrant king killed all the children that were born recently and many other similarities.

If all evidence is summarized, then one can conclude that it is probably true that Jesus did actually go India in his missing years where he studied with the sages of India and learned Dharmic philosophy, and also perhaps after surviving the crucifixition as well. He brought back with him to Palestine Dharmic beliefs, practices and legends. This was obviously considered an absolute heresy against the religion and this is why he was persecuted and then crucified. After his death, judging by his following, the state attempted to reconcile Jesus’s teachings with the Jewish tradition creating the Pauline version of Christianity which supported their state ideology. At the same time the more authentic version was stamped out and destroyed, because it did not support state ideology.


You know, depending on the tone of the first word when spoken? or punctuation when written that tittle could be taken entirely differently that you intended

JESUS!!! in India.

Made me think of a German Catholic priest I once listen to who had his English inflections just a bit off.

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I don’t really find it funny. This title is actually the title of an official movie made on the subject.


Did not say it was not a title, basically all I said was the title struck “[U]me[/U]” as funny.




[QUOTE=Surya Deva;76688]I don’t really find it funny. This title is actually the title of an official movie made on the subject.[/QUOTE]

Well, if it is an official movie title, then there is no way it can be regarded as being funny, by anyone. Basic physics, really.


Still no post on the actual topic itself lol


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Still don’t really find it funny, and nor does anybody else. In any case what an inane point to make. I think some things are better left unsaid.

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Interesting thought Surya, assuming Jesus existed at all.


Someday I’ll have to ask the Lord if he went to india in his twenties. I’m kinda mad at him right now though soooo… it’s complicated.

Personally I kinda doubt it. All of heaven knew he was here doing the “I’m being a human thing.” Whatever instruction he needed I’m sure he could get it without a problem. Also in scripture he is said to have been around 12 years old and hanging out in the temple without his mary and joe knowing where he was, and when they finally found him he was all “yo, I got to be about my Fathers business. So like - get off my back. Jeesh” Meaning he was “in the know” from a young age . . .

Also for clarification. The Sanatana Dharma? He’s the originator, well ok perhaps thats the Almighty, but the Lord puts it into practice. Yoga? Thats his doing too. He is after all the Lord. Derp.


Edgar Cayce and the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ(by Levi Dowling) state that Jesus was in India.
The AG also states he went to Tibet then to Persia(meets the 3 wise men) then to home, then to Greece then to Egypt for initiations then to Israel.



Would definately explain a lot about the " lost years" of jesus…