JointFreeingSeries vs. Pawanmuktasana


I was wondering whether someone could shine some light for me on the differences between the Joint Freeing Series (JFS) and the 3-part Pawanmuktasana series?

I.e., what are the benefits of either, and are they more or less identical in their purpose? Or is the JFS merely a simplified version of Pawanmuktasana I, and does not bring the benefits of Pawanmuktasana II and III?



I don’t know the JFS series, actually never heard of it. I would like to comment on the Pawanmuktasana series 1, 2 & 3.

P-asana 1 is especially useful for people with rheumatism, arthtitis, high blood pressure or other illnesses where the more vigorous asanas are not recommended. I personally do this one with a lady in my class who suffers from very high blood pressure and she always tells me that se feels so much better after a class. My own mother suffers from arthritis and I have taught her these asnas to alleviate her pain, with much success. Depending on the student, awareness can be in the physical body, the breathing or in the movement of prana in the body.

P-asana 2 series concern itself more with strenghtenig the digestive system and illnesses associated with the disgestive system such as constipation, excessive wind, acidity, diabetes, lack of apetite as well as varicose veins. I like to add this series to my own classes, especially beginners, as it strenghten the tummy muscles, which helps to build core strenght.

P-asana 3 series is the shakti bandha asanas and concerned itself with improving the energy flow in the body. It also helps to break neuro-muscular knots in the body, but especially in the hip/pelvic area where energy tend to stagnate. I recommend this series for people with a stiff back, ladies with extreme mentrual problems and as general toner for the pelvic and hip muscles.

Hope this helps to shed light on the Pawanmuktasana series.

Thanks Pandara! You can have a look at the JFS here:

Is there anyone out there who has experience/knowledge of both the JFS and the 3-part Pawanmuktasana series and could compare them for me?


I have been studying with Mukunda Stiles and doing the JFS for over 5 years. You can read more about his work in his book “Structural Yoga Therapy”. The JFS is modified from Pavanamuktasana. It moves all the joints of the body through safe range of motion and is also an energetic practice that moves stuck prana. It has had amazing results when applied to many conditions. It is a great vata balancing practice. You can read case studies on Mukunda web page : : Welcome Namaste, Mangala

I don't see much difference between JFS and Pawanmuktasana series. Pawanmuktasana covered complete body, joints, muscles and removes energy blockages, tension and stiffness from these parts. JFS also do the same thing. Only difference is in modern world people have marketed these things with different name to popularize.

Pawanmuktasana series 1 mainly covers lower part of the body. Which includes most of the joints in legs and lower body area. Part 2 includes middle body and abdominal area while series 3 includes upper body, shoulder and neck.

I've consolidated all Pawanmuktasana series with step by step guides on this page. Suite yourself - Pawanmuktasana | YogShiv - Elemental Yoga
Pawanmuktasana series 1,2 & 3.