Celibate - 15 months
Kechari Mudra practice - 3 years
vegan - 10 months
yoga/meditation - 12 months
(First post on here for me!)

I am finally above the bone in the nasal cavity and can now feel small bumps of skin at the very top almost feels like jello. Theres one on the left and right side and in the middle is a hole the entire thing feels exactly like the shape of a yoni... weird but what I'm confused about is where to go on from here? I think the hole is the 10nth gate of Brahma that you push open which I have been trying to do. I push as hard as I can into the hole and hear slight "cracking" sounds and then my body automatically inhales very hard and I stop breathing completely. I'm just needing more clarity on this. Thanks!!

Every since I've got to very top with my top to the soft bumps my hips literally start thrust forward during Kechari Mudra meditation like I'm literally humping as fast as I can its weird because the body is definitely does this by itself and when I try to stop it it keeps on going unless I come out of Kechari Mudra. Because of this a huge amount of precum keeps coming out nonstop and I have been celibate for 14 months now btw no sexual thoughts during meditation. My question is am I losing energy because of the precum coming out? Do I have an energy block somewhere because I do shake all the time everyday I meditate and its starting to get annoying to be honest. Just want to know if I'm just wasting my energy and what the shaking really represents because its not going away even though its been going on for a really long time.

Last question for now. When ever I'm licking the bumps at the very top of the nasal cavity am I suppose to be using just the tip of the tongue or use half of the tongue? I can get pretty far up there!! Almost forgot so not to long ago in Kechari Mudra when I got the erection I would always feel ecstasy and feel like I'm literally about to ejaculate EVERYWHERE but now like I mentioned above the erections and precum is more than ever but my lingam is completely dead with no feeling at all and I have not changed anything just wondering what happened to the ecstasy because its completely gone even though I have gotten further with Kechari Mudra!

(Edit) On what I've been reading I have heard this one a lot "In Kechari semen would not leave the body even if a woman was embraced." I don't really know how true this is if you could really withhold ejaculation while having sex through kechari. Has anyone ever tried this at all? I would really want to know so that when the day comes I don't have to worry about losing my progress for semen retention.

  1. o sometimes I will have a wet dream like I'll be ejaculating in my dream and at the same time I'll wake up and feel all the semen at the very tip of the lingam (I know because once I squeezed it a little and a big drop of actual semen came out) and I would squeeze with everything I have then it would go away and nothing would come out. Just wondering if the energy is being wasted through the bladder? I would use the restroom later and the urine would be nothing but foam and I have heard that this is wasted energy?

Yeah it's basically you're body trying to bind you down . When you're in deep meditative state you remove your attachment to the body . And when the precum kicks in no matter how hard you try you will be binded to your body , it'll be like a limitation . Kind of frustrating but I suggest just observing this and let whatever happens happen. You're body and mind should serve the soul and should never rule you from inside out