Khechari mudra experiences?


Hi everyone,
I just want to start out by saying that I’m very thankful to have found this forum!
I have only recently learned about the khechari mudra and I’m very facinated with it. I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with this? Or, any of kriya yoga? If so, what have your experiences been like? How has it enhanced your meditation practice?
I have yet to achieve khechari, but I’ve read alot about it and have gotten and read a book on kriya yoga. Seems like it’s a great technique to help quiet the mind and have a deep meditation. Any thoughts on any of this? Thanks again!



Hi Joel, I am glad to hear of your interest in Khechari mudra. I have been experimenting with this and Kriya yoga for last 16 years and here is what I think would be of immediate interest to you -

  1. Please remember that this mudra and all of Kriya Yoga is extremely powerful! Just as anything powerful can do good, it can also harm permanently if done in overdose or incorrectly or without observing rules. Fire can provide warmth or burn you down!!Many FALSE teachers exist who can give wrong instructions and harm you permanently. Tread carefully. It’s a long road. Walk SLOWLY and you will reach sooner or later.
  2. Please approach VERY SLOWLY. Do NOT keep your tongue folded back for long hours. Attempt it only after 3 hours of fasting including water! Do not do the preparatory exercises for more than 30 sec to 1 minute. If you DISOBEY this rule, you can do permanent damage to your BRAIN. The tongue completes the internal microcosmic circuit which sends huge amounts of pranic energy to the brain. If your brain is not ready or strong enough to handle it, you will experience strange side-dffects that will be debilitating. Once the ‘effects’ start, it may continue for years! The worst part is that initially you may feel that “good” things are happening when, in fact, they will just be signs of overdose!! Be very careful to do it for extremely short periods - 30 sec!!
  3. Growth of neurons in brain is SLOW. Do not approach this or any other yoga in a foolhardy way and cause permanent harm to yourself or those depending on you. Be PATIENT.
  4. Signs of OVERDOSE - You will feel good doing it, but feel strange, irritable or confused or sleepy for the rest of the day. Just as overdose of medicine can kill, this can too! Be very careful.
  5. Signs of CORRECT dose - You will feel good during the rest of the day and will be able to ABSORB negative incidents without reacting! You will exhibit higher VIRTUES in all your actions. People will feel good in your presence. You will feel divine JOY.
  6. There are many more finer points which can’t be written on a public forum. If you are looking for serious guidance you can email me at : I will be happy to help in any way possible.
    May God and Guru bless and guide you on the Path to true Joy.


One more point- After the practice, you should not eat or drink water or take a bath for at least 30 minutes. Follow this strictly.
You can bathe BEFORE the practice or 30 minutes AFTER.


Thank you so much for the reply!! I kinda figured that there would be a downside if done too much or incorrectly. It makes sense. So, I’m practicing the Talabya technique. I think that’s just to prep and stretch the toungue right? Do I only practice the Talabya technique for 30 seconds? Or, did you just mean 30 seconds once I do full kechari? Thanks again for the reply! I really appreciate.
Also, thank you so much for offering your email and advice!!

How has kechari enhanced you life? Does it help with meditation and In life? I’m assuming that it helps one become happier and joyful. I know that we’ll still have our challenges and downsides of life of course. I’m thinking that the kechari mudra will help me out in life along with kriya yoga.



Please do not depend too much on techniques. They do nothing unless you also practice higher virtues like truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. All great saints advice us to depend on VIRTUE and not techniques. Techniques can help only if you make an effort to increase virtue. There is no technique to grow in virtue! You have to use your will power. If you depend only on techniques, it is like trying to cook without buying any vegetables or oil, etc!! Absolutely meaningless.
Once you are devoted to virtue, the techniques will assist you in stabilising(“cooking”) the virtues. That’s all.
Most important, you should not do any technique after reading from a book or on net. They will harm you or may even disable you permanently. Will you handle a nuclear warhead after reading a book?
My advice once again - stop everything and find your guru first.
You may google for Langha Mata Kriya yoga or Swami Vigyanananda giri. He lives alone in the Himalayas and gives individual instruction on Kriya yoga. I think there is no one else teaching Kriya correctly these days except him.
You should also find time to visit Maha-avtar Babaji’s cave near Dwarahat in Almora district of Uttarakhand, India. That is where Lahiri mahashaya got initiated. Visiting that cave will give you energy!
Remember - No practice is better than wrong practice. No guru is better than false guru!
Good luck!


I would have to agree with prasocyte here, the first rung on the yogic ladder is chitta shuddhi - purity of mind. Selflessness, patience, compassion, charity, and all the other moral traits are first needed to make any solid progress on this path.

The foundation needs to be strong to withstand the fierce winds of kundalini when she begins to blow, otherwise your house will collapse around you and you will probably be worse off than when you started. If your base is strong with moral courage you will be able to cope with whatever dirt kundalini drags up from your causal body. Otherwise you may be easily shaken and leave the path. First develop patience, serenity, courage etc and then take up the practise of yoga with full faith.

As much as we may loathe them, the cardinal principles of all traditional religions are there for a reason - to develop the individual to receive the higher graces, particularly the electric power of kundalini.

The practice of Kechari Mudra will be of no use in the beginning stages. The effort would be better spent in pranayama, meditation and yoga asanas to purify the thousands of nadis to prepare for Kundalini awakening. After it is awakened Kundalini takes your hand and guides you step by step through various practices designed to remove blockages that are specific to your condition.

This automatic yoga led by Kundalini herself is real Kundalini Yoga. Everything else is preparatory to her awakening.


As much as we may loathe them, the World knowledge cardinal principles of all traditional religions are there for a reason - to develop the individual to receive the higher graces, particularly the electric power of kundalini.


Kechari Vidya is not easily attainable. The mastery is gained only with great effort. The practice and its performance could not be achieved simultaneously. All those who are aspiring to practice could not attain performance.

Learn more about Khechari Mudra here: Yoga Kundalini Upanishad