Knee pain in child pose


When I do the child pose or sitting back on my legs, my knees feel like they are going to bust open!
Can anyone recommend any exercise's to loosen the knees?
Many thanks in advance....


Knee pain could be because of ligament issue, meniscus issue, PFPS and so on. First you need to need exact reason of knee pain.
I assess my students based on many criteria and then give proper yoga prescription.

Please first find out root cause of pain. Thanks


Hi SohamYogaStudio
Thank you for replying.
I have had full checks on my knees, from the doctor and had two x rays. I have no problems at all with them.
I can do most poses with no problems with the knees.
It is only when going into the childs pose it starts. But doing the Vajrasana and the leaning back into the camel pose, my knees feel so tight that it stops me from relaxing into the pose.


Then most likely it could be tight hamstring, gluteus, lats, IT band and VMO. Releasing tension in these muscle should resolve your issue..


I had a knee pain at the back of the leg and was painful to sit on the heels, what I started to do was take a very hot bath, go in and slowly lower into kneeling, stay there and deep massage the knees. This gradually cure my knee pain.