Kriya Yoga for Begginers


Dear All,

I am Jaideep Visave and new to this forum. This is my first post here. I hope you will support me.

I am spiritual from last 20 years. My spiritual thirst started from a book by Swami Vivekananda. Then I started my journey to search the ‘right path’ for me.

Firstly, I took an initiation in Ramkrishna Math but - I felt they are more devoted towards the actions (puja etc) but not on the meditations etc.

Then I took an initiation in Nath Tradition - in this my guru always demanded the money which I did not liked it.

Then I stumbled upon the law of attraction by Abraham Hicks - I had very good experiences and manifested a good things quickly.

and recently I came to know about the Kriya Yoga (specially Lahiri Mahashaya’s lineage). I want to do the Lahiri Mahashaya’s original Kriya yoga. I have one book by Ennio Nimis and I have started doing the little practices. Such as, talabhya kriya, pranayama (1st phase) and half khechari (where tongue meets the point where the hard palate becomes soft).

I just finished the Puran Purush book of Lahiri Mahashaya and more interested in the others books of Mahavatar Babaji and Lahiri Mahashaya.

I am Kindly requesting to all if you have any good suggestions about kriya yoga for beginners then please let me know.

Secondly, if any one has the “Voice of Babaji”, “Shamachurn o Advaitbad” books, please send it to me. It will be an huge support.

Which organisation you will suggest me to join (I am having feeling that SRF is not good)??
Which lineage should I follow?? (Babaji’s kriya yoga and Lahiri Mahashaya’s kriya yoga is similar?? if different then which one I should follow??

Waiting for your responses.
Thank You