Kriya Yoga Teacher


I'm trying to organise Mr Ashok Singh ( ) to come to Ireland for initation & lessons. Anyone out there interested, please let me know.


Why are you interested in having him come visit? He didn't even discover kriya until middle age and was introduced to it by his uncle who lies about his lineage. Also he tries to mix his previous teachings into kriya further diluting the already weak process. Please stop this insane search for something that only exists in your imagination. The choice is ultimately yours, of course. Hopefully the common sense of your ancestors will prevail despite your illusory longing. Good luck to you.


Thank you for your reply, My imagination has nothing to do with my search for God, Kriya Yoga will be one my methods in finding him. Thanks & God Bless


Sir that is a gross reduction of the process to which I was referring.

I apologize if my attempt to communicate information to you in any way interfered with your "search for God". I regret responding to your post. Unfortunately this forum does not allow retractions/deletions.


Dear Omshanti,
Sorry if I have misinterpreted your explanation, I'm very much interested in learning Kriya Yoga from a source that is genuine and not corrupted in any way. I take on board what you say about this gentleman but I also have come to Kriya Yoga in my middle age. I'm no longer interested in obtaining initiation from him as I have lost that desire or internal feeling that I previously had.
If his teachings are not genuine can you suggest or recommend anyone that I should contact, at the minute God is my Guru until one manifests.
Thank You & :God Bless


I do not check this website anymore, email me at -- Much love and peace be upon you.