Kriya Yoga will the real Gurus please step foreward

Where have all the great Gurus gone?

I am serious about this question. It seems to me like all of the greats are no longer incarnate.

From such a powerful beginning and amazing headlines all I have discovered are just regular people that join or have formed organizations and deeply believe their own way is the way and all others institutions are teaching wrongly or unauthorized to teach to begin with.

What I have discovered is these people can all trace their Lineage back to Swami Sri Yukteswar. Who has very heavily influenced Kriya Yoga as it is known in the West. Not surprising.

What I have also discovered is the Kriya Organizations operating in the West all have 1 thing in common they all derive from Sri Yukteswar they all teach something different. They all claim they teach the Original Kriya Yoga.

I have learned Kriya from SRF, CSA from Roy Eugene Davis, and now KYI. All 3 teach it differently. SRF and CSA teach it very nearly the same, KYI is much much different and more complicated in the Kriya Pranayama part.

A single cycle of KYI Pranayama can take over 5 minutes to perform 12 cycles or loops for the beginner will take 1 hour for certain and I can say from experience can make the nervous system run hot. The method they teach is a very powerful method of Kriya Pranayama and can overload the overly eager if the focus is strong enough.

There are books by Satyeswarananda that outright call SRF Kriya false and depict moving energy up the front of the spine during inhalation, this is also depicted in another book Kriya Yoga: Its Mystery and Performing Art by Swami Sadhanananda.

Bottom line the books are worthless. Every author dances around the technique without giving it.

The titles are misleading. Of all the books I have read Hari Harinandas book on Kriya comes the closest to describing the method being taught by the organization he founded but even then, there are discrepancies with what he describes and his student that came after him teach.

It may be human nature to change things but this Kriya Yoga appears to have been modified by every organization claiming to hold the one true key.

Ennio Nimis researched the heck out of Kriya you can read his book here on line for free it is an amazing story. I agree with many of his conclusions.

Now I know Lahiri Mahasaya had more students than just Sri Yukteswar. So are any of their students descendants still around that teach? Are any of them in the USA?

So where oh where in this age of global communication and global information are the incarnate in the world now Great Masters of Kriya Yoga? Where are the Non - Sri Yukteswar derived lineages? Where are the teachers that teach the unaltered Kriya as was handed down from Lahiri Mahasaya?

Answers Welcome Thank you.

Dear Seeking:

I can see what you are saying, and it can be confusing. Yet, if you keep it simple, and stick to one path, or one practice you can realize what you are seeking. You can even become more clear on what you are seeking in the first place.

I know many people who just do one of the Kriya techniques they have been taught, and experience great depth to their practice. I know others who try to perfect every particular technique available, and still struggle to calm their mind or experience silence.

I know there is a lot of drama and attacks between different organizations in the kriya world, and that is sad. We are all one brother/sisterhood. But upon contemplation, it seems that is just human nature. Human organizations will act like human beings. It is up to us to rise above that drama, and let that spiritual light come out as best we can in our own peace and tranquility.

When we can learn to let all that be, and just sit down once or twice a day, meditate, contemplate our divine essence , and do our work with enthusiasm while being surrendered, we may find more joy and realization, and we may find it is more subtle than we expect.

Any practice done with clear intention and attention, while surrendering the results of that practice will give realization.

Who is the true guru? That is your Self. A person may or may not represent that to you. If they do, that is fantastic. If they do not, do your best with what you have got. Simplicity is key.

Also, remember that Kriya Yoga is “Discplined austerity, Self-study (Self-inquiry) and surrender of the false sense of self to the Divine.” not a specific technique or pranayama. If we can have a disciplined intentional life and practice, contemplate our essence of being, and surrender, then we continue the lineage of enlightenment, and we are practicing Kriya Yoga. And who is better, or who is correct, doesn’t matter anymore.

I know this isn’t what you were asking, and I apologize if I was being presumptuous that this might be helpful. Hopefully it will be read in the spirit in which it is intended.

Yes not the questions I posed or the purpose of my post but a nice reply anyway. As a CSA Minster you are deeply vested in your organization and the answers and attempt to steer conversation show this. I am okay with that but lets stay on topic.

The idea that the way someone performs Kriya does not matter however is incorrect. I know from experience that different methods generate Very Very different results.

Now if Lahiri Mahasaya were here in the flesh to show us real Kriya the way he taught it unmodified by those who thought they knew better than the polestar of Kriya himself well then this discussion would not exist. I can only imagine how powerful his original method under his guidance must have been.

So back to the original topic anyone out there concerning those things I posted?

I have received 1st and 2nd kriya initiations from Ashok Kumar Singh - USA.
There is no Sri Yukteswar or Paramahamsa Yogananda within this lineage.

The techniques are powerful and they produce results. I have found it to be as he states— “a dynamic practice.” Yes, everything can be achieved with the 1st kriya depending on the sadhaka.
Initiation is given one- to -one and in private. No rented halls with mass initiation being conducted from a platform. No organization being formed around kriya yoga.

My experience with Ashok K. Singh has been a positive one! I have learned and gained so much from his teachings and the kriya practice which he initiated me into. I know we all have different experiences that can lead to the forming of different opinions. Just wanted it to be known that my experience is positive and I have always been treated fairly by this guru.

Anyone else have anything positive to report?

There has to be more than one in the U.S this is a huge country with Millions of people living here.

There has to be another somewhere in the world.

Lavendar could you tell us more about your Gurus Lineage? For example which line his teaching derives from?

Is he a nice person, how do you feel when you are in his presence, what were your first impressions when you met him what are they now? Fill us all in a bit won’t you? Please do share whatever you feel comfortable with.

[QUOTE=Seeking;77340] As a CSA Minster you are deeply vested in your organization and the answers and attempt to steer conversation show this.[/QUOTE]

Dear Seeking:

Thanks for your response. However, I [I][B]was[/B][/I] a CSA minister for 7 years, but am no longer affiliated with that or any other organization. I’m not sure what in my post showed a steering of the conversation to reflect this.

I’ve just noticed there is often an overemphasis on technique rather than the lifestyle needed to support the experience of realization. But I know, that’s neither here nor there, so let’s let it go, since that’s not the point of your post. Just wanted to be clear, that I’m not affiliated with any organization anymore, and my thoughts were not driven by any association.

But I do have a question, do you or anyone have any experience with the fellow named “Himalayan Master Yogiraj Siddhanath”? I think he’s in California. I’ve seen his talks on youtube often, and while he seems a bit “over the top” and he definitely charges A LOT for his retreats, which seems outrageous, but his talks are interesting and I’ve always wondered what peoples authentic experiences might have been with him.

Any thoughts?

on the point of correct technique we are very much on opposite sides of that topic. Lifestyle is important also.

As far as the Himalayan Master Yogiraj Siddhanath he is a good looking model looks like an actor that could portray Moses in a movie or something he is entertaining and has a entertaining delivery on youtube. From what I can tell though he is on his own ride, hop on board if you can afford the fare Lol but I doubt he will take you far.

This being said I seriously doubt these internet personalities and book personalities that claim training by Babaji. They tend to have one or more things in common they all refer to Paramahansa Yogananda’s book SRF and Sri Yukteswar as back up for whatever they are discussing.

Where is Lahiri Mahasaya in all this? No where to be found but in a picture hanging on the wall. You see they can not get past the first step of validity which is not forming groups, so it is easier to shove poor ol Lahiri Mahasaya and his non-profitable injunctions in the closet.

Oh yes everyone wants to jump on the house holder gravy train because we work and therefore have money to donate. Be careful out there folks…

Again the questions I pose are for those that have descended specifically from Lahir Mahasaya. I mean yeah sure it is nice for people to say oh but Babaji Taught me. Really now did he? I guess he also removed the injunction not to form groups. Hmmmm I don’t think so.

The lineage: (Babaji) Lahiri Mahasaya, Panchanon Bhattacharya, Nitayi Charan Bandhopadhyaya, Maheshwari Prasad Dubey, Ashok Kumar Singh.

There is a few in India who are not derived from the Sri Yukteswar or Paramahamsa Yogananda line. Off the top of my head, there is Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee author of Purana Purusha a biography of Lahiri Mahasaya based on the 26 diaries is the claim made for this book. One would have to travel to Kolkata, India in order to receive initiation from him.

Yes, I think he is a “nice person” but this IS AN OPINION based on the ego. The purpose of the guru is to bring you to enlightenment/ self-realization, etc. He is there to give you the steps/techniques in order to achieve this goal. He is not there to be your best buddy. What I know from my experience is one needs to practice as instructed by the guru and not deviate from what has been instructed. This is a very important factor that appears in the guidelines (supposedly) set by Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya.

Like I said I have always been treated fairly. I have benefited from his teachings!

Jai Guru

I have studied with Roy Eugene Davis, but for the past 45 years I have primarily been a student of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, so I have no motive to support or criticize one approach or the other.

I'm writing because it seems to me that the main purpose of Ryan Kurczak's comment was overlooked.

I find as much as any other that for myself and for guiding others, techniques can be useful. But - having studied and practiced contemplative techniques from Christian mystics, Sufis, Vedantins, Tantrics, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Kriya Yoga and more, in addition to working as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years - I can say without a doubt, there is not one single technique that is absolutely necessary for complete liberation.

One may use this or that technique, or one may use no techniques (like Ramana Maharshi). Generally most people will need some guidelines and practices, but ultimately, whether you believe in a personal God or not, there is something that the word "Grace" refers to that goes beyond techniques and self-effort.