Kriyas and Kriya Yoga

Dear Mukunda,
Please explain the meaning of Kriya Yoga as discussed in ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda and also let me know if any of the pranayama practices that you taught in London on the SYT course which can bring up kriyas is in any way similar.

Dear Irene, how are you? This is my understanding from Mukuknda’s workshop in London Sept 2008. A student asked him “Is there a difference between kriyas and kriya yoga” Kriya yoga has developed specific practices to enduce kriyas, there is more potential to force the ascent of kundalini, which may cause potential problems. Otherwise Kriyas arise spontaniously through spiritual developemntand practice or the recieving of shaktipat. This is the naturally arising energy, by the power of grace.
Although I would hasten to add, both must accur through grace, because everyting does! Even if we don’t percieve it as a positive experience.
Love and light