Kundalini and Falling in Love

Hello Everyone,

In my post today I want to discuss Kundalini and Falling in “Love”. I put love in quotes because for me love can have many qualities.

I will keep my story as brief as possible. The entire store could make a short novel. I am in my early 20s and have been doing yoga for a couple of years now. Like many of my fellow yogi’s I started out doing it for exercise, but have been slowly moving more towards the meditative and spiritual side of things.

At first I was turned off my Kundalini. I thought it was weird and seeing fellow americans do it in an upper class gym with upper class white people felt like some sort exploitation of an ancient eastern tradition that none of us are really culturally aware enough, or smart enough to understand.

However, I have a dear friend who LOVES kundalini. She had the misfortune of loosing her mother and her sister in the same year and Kundalini was literally her rock. I was amazed and deeply touched at how much kundalini helped her through her time of suffering and I loved how kundalini seemed to not only heal her, but give her a sort of ethereal glow that followed her around throughout her day. I was intrigued.

I became a lot more open minded about giving it a shot. What pushed me over the edge was meeting a man and kundalini instructor who I am shy to say, I am pretty sure I have fallen in love with. I am a very emotional person and used to feeling things deeply, but this seems to go . . somewhere else. It feels . . .spiritual . . . I feel like I have tapped into something bigger than myself and bigger than the man who attracted my attention. We dated for short while, but I recently moved out of the country. He mentioned he felt we had a special connection as well. He felt that my affection for him healed him in some way. It is very easy to heal people who want to be healed. I do really care about him. I also seem to have fallen love with yoga and wish to pursue other paths . I found a wonderful ayurvedic studio in my city.

So . . my question. Is this crazy? I know it is quite normal for people to fall in love with spiritually awakened beings. How do you know if what you love is the persons essence or some other . . . bigger essence that you just happened to glimpse in them? Does it matter? Do I let things take their course or did I actually find something special that is worth working for? I know I am a silly romantic, but I really do feel like I have come across something I have never experienced before. I do realize that to love fully there can be no fear . . .so I sort of feel like I am jumping into some huge anonymous abyss without a parachute on. I am no fearless but I do feel brave. I think yoga makes me crazy . . . crazy happy . . but crazy . . .

Opinions? Similar experiences? Advice for a novice in love and yoga? Resources? Discussion? Anything is welcome . . Thanks in advance . . .

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Enjoy your experience.
What else could I say?

Thank you. That’s good advice.


Enjoy your experience.
What else could I say?


:slight_smile: What can you tell one in Love anyway?

It dawns to me now, that maybe I should’ve become a kundalini instructor.

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[QUOTE=Hubert;66465]It dawns to me now, that maybe I should’ve become a kundalini instructor.[/QUOTE]

It’s still not too late.

Hi, I experienced the same thing 2 years ago and it has rocked my world and the energy I feel comes in waves but it's still very strong. She also mentioned we had a connection. However we were never in a relationship because she was my therapist.

I'm curious to know how your story ended... did you continue the relationship? Are you together now? Did it end? If so why? In hindsight, it's been 6 years, what do you make of such a strong connection and what did you learn? Have you felt the same thing since? Was it stronger?

Thanks for having shared your story.

Good Morning, I actually wrote that post 12 years ago. Reading it feels like hearing a different persons voice. I’ve changed a lot since then. I am not dating that man anymore but I know he is doing well. It feels like such a blessing to be reminded of who I used to be. I have not felt love like that for a very long time. I no longer throw myself off cliffs into the sea below for love. Now love is the quiet practice of showing up daily even when things are hard and boring. I envy the passion of younger me and maybe younger time can teach me something. Older me is more functional and less adventurous, more cautious. But older me also appreciates the quiet calm that comes with middle age. I will turn 36 soon. 24 year old Me was trip. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

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