Kundalini and Heart Pains


Hello, I am 21 years old and live in Florida! Kundalini has awoken in this body few months ago, and I have been sent on a wild journey through the inner self. I have read that this is a very positive, loving, and healing energy. However, I can only say that it has torn my life apart. Due to intense physical and psychogical cleansing symptoms, I have been unable to work or do much of anything for about 6 months. I have no money but am lucky to be able to live with my parents. What are some other people's experiences and symptoms with the cleansing power of Kundalini?

Most recently, I am experiencing a really sharp, squeezing pain that feels like it's radiating from behind my heart. I've had a couple heart expansions occurring in the middle of the night, where it feels like immense beams of light are buzzing and piercing through my chest. This is certainly different. It be very painful and always quite sudden. It began only days ago. Throughout the awakening I've had low energy and experienced shortness of breath, but this "heart pain" is actually concerning me. I'm thinking, "am I having a heart attack so young?"

I am a bit of a hypochondriac, and the Kundalini has amplified this fear of physical illness and ailment. I often worry that I am sick but then find out it is more likely the Kundalini process. I'm wondering what other symptoms one could experience as part of the cleansing, opening, and integrating. Thank you.