Kundalini awakening

Has anyone read 'The Science of Yoga" perhaps the kundalini awakening is really just a “lightheadedness”

[QUOTE=Siro;84084]Lol. A real Kundalini awakening will send your spiritual senses into overdrive. I know a number of people who have had real awakenings. Things in the room around them flew off shelves, their bodies rocked uncontrollably, they could hear birds, insects, cars, and people for miles through the walls in their house. Just to name a few things.

A lot of people tinkering with their Kundalini without having a developed enough mental concentration can be overwhelmed by the stimuli and often will not be able to turn it back off because of that. I know a few of such people who ended up in the mental hospital after a ‘premature’ awakening. They had not been able to fall asleep for 6+ months and no amount of drugs were able to put the person to sleep. It was as if the life energy in them was too powerful and forced their bodies to rapidly adapt to anything that was put in them. Premature awakenings can really mess up people lives if they are not careful.

The enhanced energy many people report from playing with their Kundalini energy through visualization is not a Kundalini awakening. There is Chakra energy down there that can be manipulated and used to ones advantage and people often mistake this for the Kundalini. There’s a lot of spiritual type articles out there about Kundalini energy who were written by misguided and misunderstanding individuals who have little meditative experience. People need to be careful when they mess with these sorts of things.[/QUOTE]

Lol, and surely you were there to witness all of your friends trials. No way this is all word of mouth, right?

[QUOTE=Siro;84098]This wasn’t an experience exclusive to my friends. There are many communities and practitioners of Kundalini derived Yoga out there. There are actually a lot of people who are heavily indulged in the Yogic sciences and who have reached very high levels of attainment. You would be surprised how many sarcastic skeptics there are out there who haven’t done any research in the slightest with regards to tracking down and talking to some of these people, and just leap to various assumptions.

The Kundalini is a very powerful energy, whatever it is. Even if one refuses to believe the ‘psychic’/'super’natural experiences related to Kundalini experiences, there are numerous people who have had experiences that were far above extraordinary in terms of elevations in cognitive and physiological functioning. When you genuinely are curious about this stuff for long enough and research it enough, you will find that there is more information out there that is readily available than often assumed by most.[/QUOTE]

I was a bit sarcastic, but I was hoping you would say ‘Yes, I was there to witness it’. Have you ever experienced or witnessed a Kundalini awakening? I’m genuinely curious.

I do research these things, but there is a lot of fluff and misinformation to wade through. Even if you tell me you have experienced it, I probably won’t accept it as fact, but it would be interesting to hear despite that.

Kundalini Awakening is the process where you have to or it will bring you to the out of mind control. at this place there will be control of the god. now if you want to say that this is a lighheadness then it is.

it is really difficult to express the experience to explain. this is out of mind experience. even we are not able to express our small experiences in words then simply this is a impossible one.

it is really difficult to express the experience to explain. this is out of mind experience. even we are not able to express our small experiences in words then simply this is a impossible one.

Kundalini / psychosis / feeling lightheaded, is hard to verify.
I wouldnt worry too much about it.

In my personal experience, and on the strength of the words of a few enlightened people I know, most of what is written here appears to be true. It is one of yoga’s intriguing paradoxes.

When we ‘seek’ kundalini awakening, mind is the main player and hence we get mostly, anticipation, mind-games, lightedness, and mass-psyche compelling us to ‘think’ it is awakening.

When we push it hard, laborious efforts without the whole physical-astral-spiritual selves growing in tandem, what we get is accidents, out-of-control occurrences to cause damage.

When we just practice with no desire or lure of the powers and in total respect for the inner guru, it ‘happens’. Paradoxically, by then you are so mature spiritually that you can fully control it, you take it in your own stride, and kundalini awakening doesn’t give you any sense of achievement.

In old days one needed to master yama and niyama before the rest could follow.
So if one tries to raise kundalini without following yama and niyama one is asking for trouble.
When we read about scary stories , it will not help people, it will make them afraid instead and when mind create fear, the fear gets real to them and they become more imprisoned by their own mind. Follow yama and niyama and protection follows. Do bad and bad follows.

The only way you can know for sure is by your own experience. Listening to other experience will give you nothing nor can you understand it. IF someone describe the countryside for you and then you go there it will not be what you imagined.

I seek in a methodical manner.
An thus all results will be either a fluke, or fruit of method.

Purification of nerves is not kundalini,but the releasing of tension gross and subtle.
“Tension” is “held” in the nerves.

Even my experience of rejuvenation is not kundalini, but a rewiring of the physiological system.“manipulation”.

My experience of kundalini happened only a few months ago.
I balanced my system through Pranayama using my anatomical knowledge.
I practiced for 3 days.
First day. Whole body vibrated, I rolled out of my body. Then snapped back and went to sleep.
Second time.I had woken up. But was laying down with eyes closed. In that relaxed state, the very"intense" pressure coupled with electrical likeness started up.
I played with moving it not letting it enter my head as it was intense. Then I yielded and let it. Soon as I did, pop! I jumped it ! Least I thought I did.
Haha I was standing up, but could feel my body still laying down. I was no longer in my body, yet fully awake.
It’s odd, when you feel your body, knowing your not inside it. An yet you are. Lol.
Anyway. This is my brief experiance.
I shall have more, as I am revisiting this method coupled with Pranayama coupled with manipulation.