Dear Mukunda,

I somewhat familiar with the movement of prana in my body. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for eight years, more unregularly the last four and a half years since my first child was born. Recently in centering before physical yoga practice I felt energy move and coalesce at the base of my spine and move upward and out the crown of my head. It was brief and the ray of energy was about the width of my spinal column as it moved up.

I have read that kundalini is more than just a physical/energetic experience. Perhaps more importantly a psychological unfoldment, when the ties of conditioning and ego are loosed and we begin to glimpse our true selves.

This has not been a permanent experience or true merger, but can I understand that in that moment because conditions were right in mind and body, this rising was experienced? I have also been studying the first chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Namaste, Daya


These expereences you are having are wonderful ways of providing reassurance that Spirit is alive and with you. She can provide awakening to the various subtle bodies as they come active thus producing insights, guidance in daily activities but mostly She is seeking to show you who you are. follow that guidance by asking good questions of yourself and her. Such conditions are helpful for deepening spiritual practice.

Reading chapter one of the Yoga Sutras is especially recommended for those who seek the SElf via meditation and reflection on the Divine Presence.  for more specifics consider taking the tantrik lessons course offered on my website [Yogatherapycenter.org : : Welcome](http://www.yogatherapycenter.org) as it goes much more systematically into understanding and awakening guidance.  namaste mukunda