Kurmasana- centering the concentration to the spine


I am interested in the sensation of centerin in kurmasana. we created a beautiful video that shows it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7jSvVjm4tk.
Perhaps you have other examples, videos, ideas for this position?

Best wishes for your practice


Dear Narayani,

Thanks the the asana looks beautiful. The forward bend and head lift looks a bit like exerted rather then natural flow. I am hoping this is performed after kurma mudra, which itself is done after the awareness of the kurma nadi ?

First is the awareness of the sphere of kurma - 'avarana' - Then is the mudra of kurma ( both for solar and lunar sides ) and finally the beautiful asana that you have shown. that would be more complete.

atleast that is what I have learnt from my preceptor. Hope that helps.

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Exert ist a good word I think, for yoga practice. I think. I dont know exactly if its meant negative or positive in english, perhaps the word: consciousness is clearer. The movements in Yoga should be, by my opinion, conscious. Here another good example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmaVGbxVJqo


definitely positive, and I meant that it did not look completely natural and looked as if the posture was forced. conscious and also natural right? what the saying : asana's are mere side-effect that happens when respective nadi's are ready. ... something on those lines...


Centering to the spine could be explained as centering to the susumna nadi.