Lets Talk Yoga Mats


I started with a cheap 10 dollar yoga mat that I found at a local store, I bought it for a yoga class that I had to take for 1 credit in uni last semester. Anyway, I've been looking to buy a new one online but I'm realizing how many mats there are available. So my question: Does the mat matter? I'm looking at what seems like a great option but the price tag really puts me off (SEE URL BELOW)

Is it really worth putting the money out on a mat like this when you can stick with a basic 10 dollar one? Is it just a brand thing? The room I practice regularly in has wall-to-wall carpeting and I feel as if it could help with balancing a little more just by what it advertises. Has anyone used this before? I'm super skeptical about going off of amazon reviews.


I haven't used it yet.
Instead, I am using the mat which I purchased from Nest Bedding Coupons and it works fine for me.
well, I am not sure it's worth buying or not but if it's for me I never buy it.