List of relaxing and meditation music


Hi there!
While practicing meditation, I did some research about different techniques on how to improve self-meditation. Listening to calm and healing music is one of the effective techniques to calm your mind and body, it also promotes relaxation that will help you to reduce your anxiety and stress.

Here are some of the list that I have found during my research.

Sounds of Transformation from
Sounds of fulfillment
Sounds of Receiving
Sound of Source
The Most Relaxing, Healing, and Meditation Music by Anikiko

And I would be glad if you could also share some music for meditation.

Thank you!


Thanks for sharing your ideas and Knowledge.


Thank you for sharing! I always use Sound of Source :slight_smile:
I'll make sure to use these later today during my flow!


If I may add, I started a youtube channel where I post music of this sort specifically designed for yoga workouts or even falling asleep faster. Here is the channel if you're interested