Live online yoga classes


Can yoga be learnt via online?

Patanjalee Yoga: This yoga institution offers live online yoga classes. I'm planning to join. Can I have any suggestions from you?



I think that Yoga lessons can be learned online, as with videos. Perhaps there is less motivation, you know the group spirit but If you can motivate yourself I think that it is as efficient as live classes. I've done some research to see what's available now. I found YogaVibes, has anybody tried it? While I was searching I found a coupon code so I share it with you, just click the link and Use coupon code 25offyoga ;o) Don't hesitate to share your experience, I am curious, I think to start next month (already next week...).
For now, enjoy life


Thanks for sharing!

I have severe back pain. So, I was searching for therapeutic yoga classes. So, If it is live class then it will be good for me.

Also, i have joined the class in patanjaleeyoga for back pain treatment in chennai. I'm comfortable with it and I could see the improvements.

BTW, I have checked the site which you mentioned, I can make use of it when needed.