Looking for a yoga cookbook

Anal fissure suffer of 3 years here. Just started doing Yoga at home. I am totally vegan and looking for a recommended Yoga cookbook with quick recipes. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

God Bless


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Yoga is not only about physical practice but also nourishing your body with wholesome foods. There are plenty of wonderful cookbooks out there that cater to yogic principles and healthy eating. One popular choice is "The Yoga Kitchen" by Kimberly Parsons, offering delicious recipes aligned with yoga philosophy.

If you're seeking plant-based options, "The Yogi Cookbook" by Tessa Kirke is fantastic, providing nutritious and tasty vegetarian dishes. For a holistic approach, you might enjoy "Yoga Kitchen: 100 Easy Superfood Recipes" by Kimberly Ashton, combining yoga principles with nutrient-rich ingredients.

Feel free to explore these options and find the one that resonates with your yoga journey and culinary preferences.

Happy cooking and nourishing your body and soul!