Looking for female Yogis to test and model my new hoodie designed to stop tugging mid-flow


Hi there,

I'm looking for female yogis aged 20-40 to test my new hoodies that I hand made specifically for yoga sequences. My ex-girlfriend kept complaining how she couldn't get into some asanas when wearing layers in the cold because of tugging and pulling which distracted her from getting into a proper flow.

So I went away, and cut and sewed a hoodie which specifically enables you the right amount of room in the right areas like under the armpits in at least 12 asanas.

Anyways, I've got a prototype I'm happy with now, and I'm looking for any females based in London, UK to test it for me and ideally model it too in video format.

I'm asking here because I'fe broken up with my gf since I started making these hoodies!

If anyones interested please give me a shout.