Looking For Remote Yoga Teachers


Hello Friends,

We are looking for remote yoga instructors. We need instructors that have strong communication skills that can provide corrections and feedback efficiently to clients over the internet. We are looking for instructors that have a happy/positive disposition and want to infect the world with more happiness. New yoga instructors are more than welcome as long as they provide great value to the clients that they help teach.

About Us
I am the founder of Jollity Online Yoga Studio. We offer live and interactive online yoga classes. Our clients can choose to enable their cameras so a yoga instructor can observe them and give them real-time feedback, just as if they were in a yoga studio.

We are a fairly new startup trying to make quality yoga instruction more accessible.

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)
-$15 per hour ($22.50 for most classes)
-Work from home
-Help develop/shape a start-up company
-Help spread yoga to more people

-RYT-200 or greater
-Computer with access to a good internet connection
-Microphone (most computers have them built in)
-Quiet room

For more information please email your resume or a cover letter to Happy@JollityOYS.com.

Trying to spread happiness to the world,

Woody Poole
Jollity Online Yoga Studio