Looking for the stickiest yoga mat in the milky way

I tend to sweat buckets doing yoga and I’m looking for the stickiest mat out there, and I would prefer not having to use a towel or rug.

I have read many reviews lately, and some people even find the non-slip mats from Manduka and Jade to be on the slippy side.

The Yohola yoga mat made from cork is supposed to get even grippier when wet. But with a price of $130 + $54 in overseas shipping + 24% in import taxes the total comes down to a whooping $228.

I’ve also been looking into the Supergreen hemp yoga mat. This one is also supposed to get stickier the more you sweat. But the manufacturer is saying “This yoga mat is padded with softness”. Does that mean its thick and foamish? Also, I’m afraid the white color would be impractical in the long run?
This mat is also quite expencive, but… I am a sucker for anything made from hemp! :smiley:

The last mat I’ve come over is the zakti mat, also supposed to be grippy, but no claims of getting even grippier when wet. But the surface has a structure (not sure if this is the correct translation - not a straight surface) that helps the grip. The price is also half of the other two.

Is anyone here using any of these mats, or have suggestion to other mats with grip like flypaper?

I should also add that I’m looking for a relatively thin or hard mat as I prefer stepping of my mat when doing balancing poses with the mats I’ve tried so far.

(I tried adding links to the different mats, but apparently I’m not allowed to do so until I have 15 post)

I can’t suggest a mat for you, but let me say that the Manduka Pro mat (~$110) will likely not offer you what you want. I bought them as reviews [I]suggested [/I]they were good non-slip mats, and they are fantastically heavy, thin enough for balancing and provide all the knee-cushioning I need; however, I must use a towel for virtually every practice as I too sweat buckets and I start slipping soon after the first drops fall without a towel. When it’s 65 or lower outside I can practice fully without a towel and I love it, but indoors or anywhere warm it just doesn’t work alone.

So if you never do find a mat that works well on its own for heavy sweaters (which I really think may be the case for us…) then I would suggest the Manduka Equa towel which I absolutely LOVE and yes, I too have issues with towel use but without one I’m simply not able to practice indoors, and I can accept the minor irritants about them.


Thank you for your input! The other day my yoga instructor recommended the manduka pro lite. But they also get some slippery reviews by some. And I’m afraid both you and me would be among those people if we ever buy one. I have never practiced outdoors, but I have slipped and slid around in 65f inside at my regular gym. After my first proper ashtanga class, I couldn’t possibly be more wet if you just pulled me right out of the ocean. There were puddles almost the size of breakfast plates on my mat when I stepped off… so I’m guessing all the regular brands are off the table…?

I really, really…really want the cork mat from yohola, it’s almost as if my whole body is aching… but the price is just astronomical after import. But of course, if that is what the heart wants… but I have to admit that I’d be feeling kinda silly if people asked me how much it costs…
Also, the manufacturer, claiming the car tire rubber base is cleaned from heavy metals and toxins, hasn’t come back to me for over a week now, when questioning how this is done.

Why does it have to be such a pain in the ass to buy a yoga mat?

One thing is for sure though… every yoga mat out there is said to be non-slip…

The Jade Harmony is the tackiest mat I have used. If you can stand the smell it is ideal for a “normal” practice of asana. How it suits an asana practice in a sweat lodge only the Indian guides know.

I used to slip a lot on my mat from sweat. I went through a few different types of mats. I finally tried a brand called Tomuno. It is rubber and a bit heavy. Since buying this one I have basically stopped my slipping. It is also quite durable and has lasted me about 2 years of heavy use. It is not recommended for Hot Yoga FYI.

Manduka mats are super!

I love my Jade mat. I sweat a lot too. It is still sticky after several years. I cannot say I never slip, but not very often.

Yogiraj mat, natural rubber, really sticky whatever conditions. Not so portable but very good once using it :slight_smile:

Perhaps a less than sticky matt provides a conducive environment to enable the practitioner to enhance self-supporting transformation i.e. one is not reliant on outside apparatus.