Lords of Life


Goldman Sachs,
“It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of an needle, than it is for a rich man to enter heaven.” - Jesus(74) and Muhammad(74)

2% of global population controls 98% of its wealth!??

They say yes or no,thumb up or down.

Years are passing by,
waters are circling,
flowers are blooming…
Women are crossing their fingers,
crying about difficult life…

Is there a better way of living?
Are we all in mercy of rich?

Where are true Lords of Life?
Where are those who can do?

Is human life so miserable?

Where is human dignity?

Are we all “Les Mis?rables”?
Do we have to be like Jean Valjean ,
and steal loaf of bread,
ending up in prison?

Is this fair?


More then a million a day???

What would Buddha,Jesus,Mohammad say?
What say you?


think like a poor person, and stay a poor person.
if that is what you want keep thinking like that, if you want to be more in the 1% boat. Then have more positive thoughts about it.


How an rich person think?

What constitutes a wealth anyway?
Which are “positive” thoughts?