Love must be wonderful thing


I was hurt today
by a harmful words,hidden in a meek behavior.
I realized that same person
hurts me with poisonous words
for more then 50 years.

Then,I thought:
Love is probably nice thing.

What is Love?

love is:

When somebody says to me
nice words,looks at me and smiles,
talk about me in a positive way,
helps when I ask,or when notices my trouble.
Listen what I say,has time for me,
tries to understand.

I had a very good father:
he saved me twice,blessed be:
when I was lost in the mountain,and
when I was drowning.
Blissful memory of Real Love.

What Love is not:

I remember
when my ex wife told me how
my bro in law tried to f…k her.
Yet,he was always nice to me
in speech and manners.
Viper in the heart.
Providing my ex told the truth.

Possible Love:

I had a dog
for 14 years.
One thing I will always remember:
my dog was always happy when I came home.
Perhaps that was love,cos I can’t say the same
for many people,my ex included.

Fake Love is mixed with hatred,
smiles and sorrows,
honey and bile,
light and darkness.

My soul thirst Love,
real Love,
from Honest Heart.

Somebody told me:
"There is no Love,only
lust for other body."
That was a woman who I never met,
we spoke on the phone.

Or,something else,from a seaman:
“Love is invented by a people
who don’t have money.”

I know what to do:
I will look carefully into each person’s eyes.
And look into soul.
Eyes are windows to soul.

There was a time,
when I was not honest.
I reap what I sow.

I know that Love is wonderful thing.

I feel like Na’vi people in Great Sorrow.