Low Back/Abdominal Muscle Imbalance


I want to preface this post with the fact that I have barely experimented with yoga in the past, however, I am an avid runner and weight lifter. I have considered taking up yoga primarily for what I am about to describe:

One side of my lower back is stronger than the other, which puts my abs in a slightly twisted position. As a result, the left side of my abs are more developed than the right. The right side of my abs don't seem to make as tight of a contraction as the other side. It's as if my lumbar spine bends as it is supposed to function, but the right side of my abs are unable to squeeze as deep as the left. There's some sort of contralateral issue here, because the right side of my low back isn't tight and feels strong, hence my left abs are more developed.

I believe other contributing factors are having weak glutes, hamstrings, and having tight hip flexors. My lower left back is also usually very mildly tight, and I have a slight case of anterior pelvic tilt.

I have been strengthening said weak muscles, along with stretching out my hips and lower back. Has anyone else out there experienced this?

What type of exercises would help me get back on track?

Yoga Poses?

It is important to note that I have undergone physical therapy for bulging discs on the left side of my L4 and L5 spinal columns. I feel ZERO pain anymore, however, I'm aware of a very mild tightness in the left side of my lower back. This form of tightness would probably be undetectable to non-athletes. It never inhibits me from performing exercises. Upon completing my physical therapy, I now stretch my hip flexors (runners lunges, etc) and low back (child's pose) on a consistent basis, and have done so for the past 6 months. Still, I haven't made progress with solving my muscular imbalance and muscle tightness issue.

I've had this problem for a long time, and I now want to focus on the key things to resolve this once and for all.

Thank you for reading thus far


First it takes time. Fix depends on so many factors. Age, gender, limitations of range of motion and existing damage.
I have treated many slipped disc issues but i will strongly advise to do in front of experienced teacher for primary assessment.