Marketplace Changes

In an effort to reward those members who are contributors here and stymie the massive influx of spammers and people who make one thread to market their site or product, we have made a small change the marketplace forum.

In order to post a thread in the marketplace, you must now have 25 posts or upgrade your membership.

All threads promoting a product, service, or website should be in the marketplace. Those placed in other forums will be removed.

Please note that once you get your 25th post, it may take the system up to one hour to update and allow you to post in the marketplace.

Thank you :slight_smile:

David – folks have been joining and then posting their spam or ads as their first post. While it’s quite complimentary that the vibrancy of our forum warrants such attention, I’d like a quick way to bring these posts to the attention of someone who can evaluate and possibly remove them.
What do you think?

Techne, since you and I are both online at the moment, I hope you won’t mind if I answer this question addressed to David. Our system already allows for this alerting; in the box to the left of any post is the name of the poster, some info on the poster, and a few symbols at the bottom. By clicking on the red and white triangle, you can report a post.


Thanks – I guess I’m still unfamiliar with several forum conventions.