Marketplace closing and a new forum

Greetings friends,

  1. I have decided to close “The Marketplace” for a variety of reasons. One being that, while some of the offers and products in there were great, others were, well, not. I don’t want to be associated with those that are not. For now, it is a subforum of the new Eco Friendly Yoga Products forum until I decide what to do with the threads.

If you purchased access to the marketplace, please contact me via PM and I’ll be happy to reimburse you. I apologize for any trouble with this and I hope everyone can respect my decision.

  1. We have a new forum. “Eco Friendly Yoga Products”. If eco friendly yoga products are of any interest to you, please read the thread I’ve stickied in there. I’m hoping it turns into a useful, informative forum :slight_smile:

hugs to you all.

I am excited for this change to the original marketplace. Wondering too if there is an opportunity to bring in some repurposing, barter/swap and freecycling ideas and opportunities to the forum as well. Buying truly eco is immensely important as a consumer, but I am inspired to consume even less new items these days, especially when it is so difficult to validate eco claims and promises. A bit unexpectedly, this spend-less practice that my family has adopted has also helped lessen the demands of our always-wanting craving sense :D, AND it has been so fun to repurpose every-day items and to swap/barter with our friends.

I am not sure if this is inline with your eco marketplace, so perhaps this is better suited in the off-topic forum? Please let me know and I would love to get some threads going. I am really inspired by what people are creating with all the “stuff” they have laying about their homes.

Your own,


You are ABSOLUTELY right. It is SO IMPORTANT to freecycle, reclaim, recycle, barter, etc rather than purchase new items. However, it MUST be done on a local level because, as soon as you ship the item, most, if not all, of the benefit is lost.

As such, I think that stuff should be kept to places like Craigslist, amongst friends, and other local venues rather than here. However, I’m certainly open to your ideas if you’re seeing opportunities that I’m not. And with that said, you’re always welcome to post a thread in the off topic forum if you think someone in your area might be lurking about and jump on an item.

Yes, indeed with the shipping. Better to just share ideas and what we are working on in our own homes and communities. This threadwas fun to be part of; I loved hearing what everyone was up to and how carefully they considered what they were doing.

I love to use every-day items in new ways, as I shared in the articleI did for Elephant Journal. I would enjoy just having a running thread here where members could add their ideas and questions about projects.

I appreciate having the support and education to make better and better choices :smiley:


Sounds like a great idea to me! I hope you create just such a thread :slight_smile: I’d love to participate. Or are you more asking for a forum dedicated to such stuff?

Oh, good! And nope, not a new forum; originally I was just wondering where to put such threads, whether it was off-topic or marketplace. Off-topic it is!

Thank you and cheers,

Nichole, thank you for the great article! Love to recycle!

CM, I am glad you enjoyed the article! Let’s start a Recycle thread together and just keep adding to as we create items and new ideas are shared with us. There is a new member here who has added some great human-critter-planet friendly cleaning supply recipes – have you seen that list?


I replied tot that post. Well, just need to record everything during the day. I’m from former USSR and we recycled everything and we did not have any cleaning supplies, but baking soda:) I certainly will have something to share!

There is a new member here who has added some great human-critter-planet friendly cleaning supply recipes – have you seen that list?

That was me! Glad you found it helpful, and also glad to find this thread as well. :slight_smile:

The marketplace has been removed as a forum. All the threads were moved into other forums so they’ll still be searchable. If you purchased access to the marketplace, please contact me for a refund.

I’ve also removed the Eco friendly products forum for now.