Mat Chat

I have some questions on mats and would like some help

  1. My mats are now leaving crumbles behind, and I thought I was taking good care of them. How do you clean and care for your mats?
  2. I love my mat(s). My space. If my mat smells like fritos then I know it was a cardio day and I clean it… but in my yoga studio they teach unattachment by … ewewewe… need feedback on why I am wrong.
  3. Yoga journal had an article where some were moving away the mat to get to the floor. I tried it on me and almost hurt my back with no sticky mat- argument is you get more powerful people, but I still tried it with my student and she was miserable.

My mat is recycled rubber/eco friendly and does not shed. I’ve used it for 2 + years now and I practice daily and teach several classes per week. It is a Gaiam mat and it is the best mat I’ve every used. Traction is still excellent.

Best to clean your mat with a mild detergent like Seventh Generation Lavender scented dish soap. I fill up the bathtub and squirt just a bit into the water. I let it soak for about 30 minutes and then swish it around. I let it dry a bit and then take it outside and use the hose to squirt off the residual soap. Does not harm your mat and was recommended to me by the local health food store. I also carry a can of mat spray which is a blend of oils that help disinfect your mat. Also can be purchases at Gaiam. As a teacher, I highly recommend to all my students that they bring their own mat to class. All of them do. Just can’t imagine preparing to go into Dhanurasana with my chin on the mat in the same place where someone’s feet were!

Must have missed that article in YJ. I’ll have to look. I can’t see how and why anyone would do it though, from your description. Why the need to attract more “powerful” people? I don’t understand that one.

Thank you for the info on mat care. I cannot find the yoga journal I saw it on, but I found the picture and the article on the net
… and sorry that I did not edit my comment with care, but I meant to allude to the strengthing of the foot/ powerful feet- not people and have it be my extrapulation inclusive surrounding information- sorry for the breech of clumsly Satya

Thanks for the info and the clarification!

While I can understand how some can feel this way, I think I’ll stick with my mat for now.

I will stick with mine too:D

To keep yoga mat looking and smelling great, you should have a regular cleaning schedule. Cleaning yoga mats isn’t too difficult. You simply wash it with water and soap, and scrub on it well with a brush. To keep your mat looking and smelling fresh, you can spray it with a mat cleaning spray.

I hadn’t heard of that mat spray before this post. Also, from now on I always want each side of my mat to look different because I will know which side to clean.