Maybe this has been answered


Does anybody recommend a program that allows you to take your certification in pieces? I have a full time job however I still want to get my certification to teach. I’m not sure if it really matters but I’m in Texas. Thank you in advance =)


Oh wow! Susan! That sounds AWESOME! I will definitely look into those as well. I would love to stay in Texas for some of my learning but eventually would love to travel and learn as well! those look like great options!!! =) thank you!


Depends what you mean by pieces. Many studios around me run YTTs that are over the better part of a year, usually 7 or so long weekends Friday night through Sunday because that’s what most people can get to. I’d assumed that was common in other parts of the country. I’ve seen some trainings that are broken into modules where you can pick and choose when/where somewhat, as long as you get them all done within a certain amount of time. But you might have to travel for most of them unless it’s a teacher that focuses in your area, which may wind up being as much time off overall and of course cost more. Shiva Rea used to do something like this, don’t know if she still does. Josh Summers seems to be trying to get something like this going, but he’s somewhat New England focused. There must be others.


Aystam thank you so much for all this great information I’m definitely going to look into the YTTs! That sounds perfect!!! thank you!