Me Performing ANOTHER Set Of 100 Yoga Poses (Lots Of New Yoga Poses)


Hey everyone, a while back I shared a video here of me performing 100 yoga poses and I recently posted a second video of me performing yet another set of 100 different yoga poses and just like the first video half of these yoga poses are poses that I came up with and I’ve never seen anyone else do before.

Below is a list of the poses the new poses that are featured in this video…

  • Ninja Star Pose
  • Maze Pose
  • Snow Flake Pose
  • Queen Lotus Pose
  • Locked Gate Pose
  • Dead Lotus Pose
  • Mummy Corpse Pose
  • Moose Skull Pose
  • Tied In A Knot Pose
  • Deadly Scorpion Pose
  • Bound Pirhanna Pose
  • Head In The Ground Pose
  • Bound Lotus With Fingers And Toes Interlocked
  • Front Splits Head To Knee Intense Stretch
  • Meditation Toe Stand
  • Wizard Toe Stand
  • Padottanasana X
  • Shark Pose
  • Eyes Spinning Pose
  • Head To Knee Toestand
  • Neverending Headstand
  • Target Pose
  • Cow On Tip Toes Pose
  • Mermaid Head To Tail Pose
  • X Headstand
  • Flower Headstand
  • Free Dolphin Pose
  • Turtle With Head In Shell Pose
  • Frog Pose
  • Reverse Feet Reverse Plank Pose
  • Side Stick Pose
  • Finger Contortion Pose
  • Falling Star Pose
  • Hidden Headstand
  • Headstand With Head Turned
  • Dwarf Star Pose
  • Giant Star Pose
  • Kneestand Half Moon Pose
  • Palm Tree In A Hurricane Pose
  • 3/4 Headstand
  • Hands Free Half Headstand
  • Hands Free Splits Headstand
  • Hands Free Goddess Headstand
  • Hands Free Diamond Headstand
  • Hands Free Lotus Headstand
  • Hands Free Tornado Headstand

I hope you enjoy this video.


Unthinkable, imaginative body poses, some almost impossible.

Why you call them “yoga” poses?


If the background would have been white it could actually have been a quite pleasant video.


great stuff for AcroYOga:)

my recent thoughts on “creative yoga”…:

so many styles ( in asana and meditation) and new poses… we just spend time watching… learning… exploring… instead of just sticking to “orthodox” way and consistency…

I have found myself “digging to many wells” that seem to be impossible to find the water…so going back to my sadhana… few OLD poses… OLD mantras… OLD meditation.

with all my respect and adoration to your video… i think the best ever done on yoga work is YOga sutras, Hatha yoga Pradipika and Bhagavad Gita… nothing else is needed … except a good LIVE teacher:)


I don’t want to sound mean
but I’m still wondering why I
laughed so hard at the shark
pose and eye rolling pose.

It was a really nice video, hope
we can get to see part 3 soon!


Sexy Yogi


Frog pose was very funny… Bon app?tit!


Very Nice… Keep it up.

Many postures are in line with Yoga postures. What I liked is the name you provided. You not only have good flexibility but also good imaginations.


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