Meditating In Lotus Causes Discomfort



When I meditate, I almost always do it in corpse pose. That's because I find it uncomfortable, and sometimes painful to sit in lotus, or even just regular criss-cross for longer than a few minutes. I have tried some modifications, like putting my back up against the wall, or putting blankets under my knees for support. But it still feels uncomfortable after some time. Then I feel that my attention is fixated on that pain/discomfort, and makes it harder to get into a deeper meditative state.

Is there any reason that I should mediate in lotus, as opposed to shavasana? I have read that shavasana is supposed to be more of a resting practice for the mind, whereas meditating in lotus is meant for more awareness with more intention than in shavasana. However, I just lay in shavasana regardless of my intent for the session because of the discomfort.

Has anyone else experienced this discomfort, and if so, what helped you? Is the pain just something I need to get used to? Or is there a way around it?

The pain/discomfort I experience are primarily from my legs falling asleep, and pain from my back just from sitting up for so long.


Most meditators I know sit on them meditation cushion Zafu.


My dear friend you are not alone lol. What's helped me in my practice when I would like to keep an intent of awareness is to sit with my back against the wall with my legs straight to take less pressure off of my back and still promoting healthy alignment. Sitting on the edge of a cushion and allowing your hips to melt forward also helps :slight_smile: