Meditation for Beginners


Sit down comfortably. The hands are in the lap or on the legs. The back is straight. The abdomen is relaxed.

  1. Concentrate on your body. Think several times (5-10 times) the mantra “Om” in the head, chest, abdomen, hands, legs, feet, in the ground and then in the whole universe: "Om Shanti. Om Peace … "

  2. Stop one minute every thought. When thoughts come, push they off.

  3. Linger one minute in the meditation. Thoughts may come and go as they want.

  4. Relax. Feel the peace and relaxation in your body.

  5. Move your body, your feet and your hands. You’re back. Ahead with optimism. :smiley:

-> Video: Meditation for Beginners (Youtube, 6 min)


Mindfulness is paying attention to life in a purposeful way. It’s a way of living in the present moment without judgement. Your attention, and how you’re spending it, is one of the most crucial aspects to mindfulness.

Instead of trying to control something. Like stopping all flow of thoughts. We’re actually controlling something we have control over. Our attention. Now, like any muscle. If we haven’t been exercising our attention muscle, then it’s going to be atrophied.

When getting started with mindfulness meditation, just know, your mind will wander. that’s completely normal. It’s just what minds do.

As a beginner it can be difficult to get started with a mindfulness meditation practice. Your meditation time will be so foreign and so different from your day-to-day life it can be difficult to bridge the two.

A simpler method is to simply bring mindfulness into your daily activities. Then, once you have a taste of what this feels like you can you can start a regular mindfulness meditation practice. Most of us (all of us) have routine and mundane activities that we must do every single day.