Meditation Retreat?


Looking for a meditation retreat that is 3 days long.


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Any particular part of the world that you are looking to do a meditation retreat in?


How about Centering Prayer at a Trappist Monestary?


Yoga with meditation takes you to the mind space of eternal bliss, where you are allowed to create as you please. Visualizing the lush green rain-forests, a serene flowing stream, the view from the top of a high peak. Yoga simplifies the asanas and explains them in relation to science. Application of these life philosophies is what expands the horizons of the mind to allow the possibility of a metaphysical retreat designed just for you. The feeling of being transported from the time-space reality is a true retreat for your mind.

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I practice Zen meditation (Zazen) you could find a Soto Zen monastery or if you like to practice at home I have a blog where you can learn the basics.
I made a free streaming of Zazen Saturdays at 6:00 pm on FB (Sumak Yoga Ecuador)

Video of the Temple of Eternal Peace in Japan

Sumak Yoga from Ecuador