Mother-Daughter Yoga

Can anyone recommend a video with guidance for a mother-daughter yoga session with meditation?
I am a yoga novice. I have a 10-year-old daughter. Both of us need a meditative outlet. We have tried going to a family yoga class, but we found ourselves surrounded by a bunch of screaming, hyperactive kids. My daughter is quiet and has strong capabilities for concentration. We probably would be better off in an adults class, but they all have lower-bound age limits. We live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We would consider going to a class if anyone can recommend one that is suitable, but we are probably better off at home.

my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am also new to this forum so I am not sure if you can share links. Some sites don't allow it because of fake adverts and so.
There is quite a collection of Partner Yoga poses for beginners on You tube. There are some kid-friendly too.

Hi Gustavo,

Hope you're well.

If the goal is to improve agility, it is called stretching; if the goal is to increase flexibility, tonus, proper posture, and gain strength, it is called Pilates; if all of this is performed in conjunction with breathing and enhanced awareness of prana flow, it is called hatha-yoga.

The higher ascpects can be viewed by holding a pose. Try vajrasana or garudasana and compare your concentration before and after with any task that needs it.
Higher levels of meditation necessitate superhuman mental abilities. But this is only one example; a well-guided asana practise would benefit all facets of human soul life.

Perssonally, i watch the below video from reknown mentor Yongey Mingyur.