My body feels crooked


I’m new to yoga - not enrolled in a class or anything, just me and my mat and youtube. I find that i’m really struggling to stay in one position long and every move makes me feel like something is in the wrong place. Like I can’t actually tell if my hand is in line with my shoulder, for example. Is this normal when just starting out? Will this even out as I keep at it?


Hi, I don't "do yoga" as such but I am working towards regaining my full range of natural movement and the yoga asanas are a part of that. Every day I can do a little more by focusing on my main muscles of movement.

My theory about feeling your positioning and body alignment:
To judge the position of your body you need a "baseline" to work from. A central line from where the rest of the body extends and is positioned relative to.

The linea alba is our primary guide for alignment.

Working with the Base-Line muscles, pelvic floor Base, rectus abdominis Line, either side of the linea alba is the key to feeling the balance and alignment of the body.

So whatever you are doing, think of this muscles as your core pillar of strength and see how you feel.