My trip to Gangotri/Gomukh in Himalayas

After reading the books " My life , its legacy and message ( , An Autobiography of a yogi ( and Living wiht Himalayan Masters, I developed a passion to go to Himalayas and last year I wa able to take a trip to Gomukh ( where river Ganga emrges out of a glaciour) at 14,000 feets in Himalayas. It was great.

I can provide details if anyone is intersted in visiting…

Vipul Patel, Allentown, PA USA.

I would be interested. Can you please provide some details, pictures and stories !!

got very passinate about Himalayas when I read An Autobiography of a yogi and then Lving with Himalayan Masters. However, after reading about the journey of Sriram sharma Acharya ( founder of whom I have accepted as my guru four years ago) to meet his Guru and other saints living in deeper section of himalayas using hte rout of Gangotri, gomukh, Tapvan and beyond, in his autobiography:
My life , its legacy and message ( , I really filled a pull to go to Himalayas. I live in USA and from internet and from Swami Tadatmanda (, I got infomration about Garwal Vikas nigam guesthouses and we went by road to Gangotri and stayed at thier guest house. Next morning, I , my wife and my eight yr . old son started the 22 k.m. journey to Gomukh where Ganges comes our of glacier. We walked 18 k.m. first day ( there is a well defined track and if you need you can hire a pony). at stayed at Gharval vikas Nigam guest house with very basic facilites in Bhojvass on the bank of Ganges. ( prior reservation are recomnded). There are many small huts on the way where you can spend night also and you can buy food there so no need to carry food till Gomukh. If you want to go beyond gomukh, you may need to caryy some food/ tent but I am not 100% sure.

Next morning, we walked 4 miles to Gomukh and it was a beautiful site. We took a bath in Ganges and bring water from there ( which has not spoiled after one and a half year-- it is said that water from Ganges has some proerties which does not allow it to go bad even after storage in normal conditions for many many years).

On hte smae day, we started the retun journey and finshed all 22 km. on the same day…

In Gantri, pleaqse ask for Swami Sundarananda who have been wondering in Himalayas for past 50 years with a camera and has a beautiful collections of pictures of himalayas. ( Now some of htem are publsihed in a book titield" Himalayas, throught a lens of a Sadhu)

Please let me know if you have specific questions… patelvipulk—at–
Vipul Patel, allentown, PA, USA

vish, did you find this useful… Please feel free to write me at patelvipulk–at– if you need any additional information.

Your trip to Gangotri/Gomukh is breath taking! It's always interesting to hear about adventures in such spiritual and fantastic places. Just like someone could call mount sunapee resort customer service before heading out to the slopes, it’s smart to plan thoroughly for a trek in the Himalayas. Thanks for sharing your experience; it definitely makes me want to visit there too!