My Yoga Practice


My first Yoga class was back in 1973, it was Sivananada style and covered meditation as well. Eventually I just did my own casual practice, like headstand and lotus, side crow, scorpion, head to knees etc. By 1979 I got into Taijiquan and still practice including sword and saber forms. I was always interested and did a VHS tape for awhile.

More recently did regular Yoga in 2015 going 4 - 5 days a week, the studio had an outdoor tented deck, each class was a different teacher.

This year 2017 I started Hot Yoga and did 40 days for $40 (CDN) and this year 2018 99 days for $99 deal, I go 5 days a week. After it ran out took a break for 7 weeks, partly due to an slight injury and now back for 99 days for $139 (with tax $!57)


In Hot Yoga I sweat profusely, which is odd because I don't normally sweat a lot. I'm working on my planks, my arms will start to shake after a short while, so get some home practice as well. Downward dog is hard on the old shoulders after sometime especially, I've started some Hindu push-up practice to strengthen the shoulders and arms.

Working on my balance, tree and other such poses isn't so steady. No problem with peacock or lotus and peacock but crow needs much practice.


Talasana is good for balance. I restarted yoga aged 60 after a 35 year break. it took about a month before I achieved stillness in Talasana


Thanks Suati, we do Talasana (Palm Tree Pose) often in our Hot Yoga class, often lifting one leg as we bend sideways. It seems some days I can hold one leg poses very well