Need help. Suffering after doing Isha foundation Inner Engineering program


I am a victim of IE. I diligently practiced Shambhavi for almost 8 month and started having problems.
I thoughts turned negative and started building anxiety and started thinking too much about my past and that too totally negative manner. I became very fearful about my future. My mind is always in action thinking negatively and I am never at peace within. I don’t enjoy life anymore. If anyone knows about any way I can get put of it, I will be more than thankful.


hi there sorry two listen about your condition but don’t worry I think you haven’t damaged yourself much believe me there are people who is life have gone upside do whatever you feel like doing don’t impose anything upon yourself if possible don’t give too much importance to the negative feelings which you are encountering take lot of rest have you spoken to Isha teachers about this most probably they will say keep doing the practice it will be taken care of by Sadguru please don’t believe in this kind of things stop all the practices


You can try this before doing Sambhavi Mudra.

  • Assume a comfortable Asana. Watch your thoughts. Don’t manipulate or judge those thoughts. Just watch your thoughts. Whatever thought comes, simply watch it as a third person. Don’t disturb those thoughts. Imagine that you are not connected with those thoughts. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • After doing the above kriya, do this. Assume a comfortable Asana. Watch your breath. Just your breath, nothing else. While breath-in, your mind should go in with your breath and while breath-out, your mind should come out with your breath. Mingle your mind with breath only. Do this kriya for 5 to minutes.

  • After that, Assume Sambhavi mudra and other routines.

Practice this for 10 to 15 days regularly. Give your feedback.

During Sambhavi Mudra, keep your mind Ajna.


Hello @anuraagnandagiri, Sorry to hear about your situation. You are not the only victim of Inner Engineering program. There are many. This is a pure mind wash program. In this program Sadhguru will talk about so many logical things when your mind will start being convinced by his logics then he will plant some illogical thoughts in your mind which your mind is not aware of and you will start believing in them.

I’ll suggest stop doing Shambhavi mahamudra. Give enough rest to your body and eat good vegetarian food. You can do simple meditation by following these steps:

  1. Sit straight and comfortably without having any intention of achieve anything.
  2. Focus on your breath.
  3. Try to be in present moment as much as you can.
  4. Use your 5 senses. Listen the sound around you. Feel the sensation on your skin. Feel taste in your mouth. Feel the smell around you. You can keep your eyes open if you want to.
  5. If your mind wanders gently bring it back in present moment without judging yourself because of thinking of something or loosing your focus.
  6. Don’t try to achieve any mental state which you think you should be in.
  7. Accept yourself as you are and generate feeling of love and compassion towards yourself.
  8. Do not meditate for too long because sometimes meditating for too long create pressure on mind and nervous system.

Shambhavi mahamudra may be powerful and may work for many people but thats not necessary that it will work for you. Respect your body and accept it. Your body knows how to heal itself.

  1. Practice gratitude. Gratitude is most important to overcome such negativity.
  2. Take time everyday when you can think about all the good and blessings you have in your life.
  3. Try to think of time when you were in peace with the world and you were at your best.
  4. Deliberately try to remember at least 5 moments in your life when you achieved something. Try to generate that feeling of winning and stay with it. Slowly you will start overcoming from these negativity.


@Raj1Just because you haven’t heard of any such negative effect of yoga that doesn’t mean there are not such cases out there.
Me too have done Art Of Living course before doing Inner engineering program. I never had any such negative experience from AOL. But i seriously injured myself physically and mentally after doing IE program thats why i created this post to ask for help.

Shambhavi mahamudra or any other technique taught by Isha foundation may be powerful and may work for many people. But you can not deny the fact that, that also may not work for many people. Everyone has different body and not everyone’s body is ready to take that level of energy. They just can not serve the same dose of yoga practice to everybody under the name of spirituality or with the false promise of enlightenment.

Learning a multidimensional alive technique like Yoga through just books like you recommend is the worst advice ever.

Just to correct you, I never recommended learning yoga from books. Books i recommended are self help books which can help you to better understand yourself. Help you to understand why do you respond in a particular way and what is the reason behind them so that you can correct yourself if you are responding incorrectly to any situation.


I think yoga can be preventive thing but may not be a curative thing. So basically you did the gym and then yoga every day


Dear Brother, Sorry to know the situvation you went through. Also its nice to see you are relived from pain with Blessings.
Let me clarify you that what AOL and Isha technics are, both are from Patanjali Yoga Sutra. These are technics are to balance the Ida and Pingala and awaken the Shakthi within.

Basically what is more required is Guru Bhakthi and belif in Guru (Any Guru whom one belive in, as Guru is a tatwa, not physical which will change later on).

When we practice certain Kriya and attend certain deeksha session, there are many things that happens very very suttle which modern medicine or gadgets cannot capture.

Basically, all the inner stored garbage are coming up to surface which takes form of physical body and get relived. If Gurus grace and belif is high all these goes without much issues else we go through a lot of metal torture.


Will practice as you said.


Even the name Sambhavi invokes fear in me. Now I am not doing any except, chanting God’s name for some time everyday


That was the exact reply they said when told about my issues. Guru needs to be there to help us when the negativity surfaces, else he should have made the instructors to do that, rather giving a recorded message.


Thanks for your reply.
If so, please follow thought watching and breath watching along with your daily chanting. Slowly you will be out of this mess.


You will be soon out of all that don’t worry. I suggest you if you want to begin the program some Resistance Band Set For Yoga, Pilates, P90X,…etc


Dear Thiru,

Thanks for your reply

I had been suffering the negativity and fear for more than a year. How much time will it take to clear out all the negative thoughts and fear from my mind and become a happy person again? I really am very much affected. I am chanting God’s name al the time and due to that my work and life was not affected much and also due to my wife’s patience and good mind. Please help me out. This is a general question to all in this group.


Surely you will be out of this soon. While you are stepping towards up, negative karma is dragging you down. The best solution should be Om chanting. (AUM). Go for only Pranava mantra japa to get rid of this.


Thanks Thiru.

How can I get rid of this negative karma?
I am chanting AUM, Gayathri and Krishna mantram everyday


Intesnsify your Pranava chanting. It will soon lead you out if all troubles, Have faith. Suggest yourself that you are coming out this by chanting pranava.


Subject ---REQUEST for my fee refund PLUS expenses

Fee paid for hatha yoga -20,000
Isha force sold unwanted bhoota kit--2,000(want to return )
To and fro BUS tickets including taxi (3,000)

I recently registered myself for 21 days Hatha yoga event at ISHA yoga coimbator.fee paid RS 20000 without accommodation +we were forced to buy some bhoot shudhi kit costing 2000 RS .We were even forced to shops overpriced white clothes in isha shops .I was able to smell the fish on first day itself as were forced to chant Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev name instead of God ,in the hall which was accommodating around 700 people (500 were Chinese).In hall also they had placed his huge photo and God shivaji idle was placed behind his photo all most invisible .after meditation when we were in hypnotic suggestive receptive mode We were force to watch Sadguru audio every 20 minutes or so next day itself I started seeing young women with hair started shaving heads .They used to take attendance as in school 100 percent must .We were dehydrated as we were not allowed to use washrooms even after. 5/ 6 hours continues sitting .people had stop consuming water in day .If We complained of back pain due to continuous sitting we were sold chairs from their shop instead.

On around 7th day they performed bhoot shudhi (black magic may be right word) They created right environment to hypnotise is to max on this day .They used smell in hall we were given some small tablets to be swallowed with water and asked to chant his name continuously and in THE BACKGROUND THE recorded 3D surround AFFECT as we hear in theatres type SOUNDS of DRUMS ,FEAR ,Witches ,GHOST ,CRYING PEOPLE ,sounds of people LAUGHS and sounds of people in PAIN were played loud for some time and the students in the class suddenly started mimicking the same in real .people sitting next to me started crying laughing some looking at me angrily as if they are going to kill me .Very scary scene to say Even an healthy person can go mad can result in schizophrenia.sensing the danger to my mental health I and another girl decide to leave the place immediately asap While leaving we asked for refund as we joined the class for hatha yoga and not for this kind of things ,They mocked us and threatened that they have political influence.we left without refund .i am sure if I had stayed there for 21 days I would have turned one of them .As the hypnosis is continuous process of brain washing .using all the senses of body .I know about it as I have read few books and have done certification course in it .


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Thanks Thiru,

I am doing Pranav chanting daily


Let us hope for the best.